Carriere® Motion 3D Appliance

New and Improved technique

The Motion 3D appliance is a modern take on an older, time-tested technique of orthodontic treatment.  By using the Carriere Motion 3D, your orthodontist can correct your overbite or underbite much faster than in years past and without the need to wear an old-fashioned headgear or other bulky appliances! The Motion 3D is designed to replace these but only works properly if you wear the rubber bands as directed.

Modern Technology

The sleek design and appearance of the Motion 3D enables patients who wear their rubber bands to achieve the desired results in a fast, gentle and natural way even before any braces are put on. This means that treatment will go faster and the patient won’t have their braces on as long. The appliance is attached to the canines and first molars and is capable of handling normal chewing of food.  But, just like all orthodontic appliances, if proper care is not taken the Motion 3D may become detached from your teeth. A loose appliance is not painful but it does require that patients stop wearing their rubber bands and schedule and extra appointment during normal business hours to have it reattached. Remember to refrain from eating any hard or sticky foods while wearing the Motion 3D Appliance and try to keep your bites of food small and easy to chew. 

Clear retainers

One of the biggest benefits to the Motion 3D is that it can be used before the braces are put on the teeth. In order to keep the upper or lower teeth from shifting while correcting the bite, it is necessary for patients to wear a clear plastic retainer any time they are wearing their rubber bands. While wearing the retainer is very easy to do, it can also be easy to misplace or lose the retainer.  Patients should always remove the retainer when eating but must be extra careful to avoid accidentally throwing it away.  If this ever happens, patients should stop wearing their rubber bands and call the office during regular hours to make an appointment to have a new retainer made.